Looking for the perfect gift? We've got you covered with The Complete Set.


The Complete Set contains 1x soap bar, 1x face mask and an organic cotton face/body washer - everything you need to get that fresh, just jumped out of the shower feeling.


Simply choose your skin type:

  • "The Pink" - perfect if you are looking for something to moisturise
  • "The Green" - perfect if you are prone to blemishes or uneven skin tone
  • "The White" - perfect if you have sensitive skin


All of our soap bars are made with organic shea butter, organic cacao butter, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and essential oils. Some bars also contain French clay, coffee or activated charcoal.


For more information on each of our soap bars, please see our products pages.


Hemp Hemp Hooray Hemp/Organic cotton face/body washer: This gentle yet effective face washer becomes more absorbent and softer with use, with proper care your ex-foliating cloth will last for a very long time. As with all natural fabrics there is some initial shrinkage and be aware it takes about five washes to reach maximum softness and absorbency.

The Complete Set

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